Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tampines One

two days to Tampines One cost me close to $2k! rich or what? and guess what, haven't stepped into Uniqlo YET. it's soon gonna be another Giordano -.- already seen people walking around wearing same clothes from Uniqlo!

oh well, gotta save money!

back to work again tomorrow after a week's break zzzz..

and in n month's time i shall be having another break coz i'm going for my wisdom teeth extraction! 4 together in a go! cool?

till then!

Friday, March 20, 2009

i am starting to dread off days. coz all i do is sleep at god-knows-which-hour and wake up in the late noon. then, i'll let myself starve all the way till dinner and continue surfing the net till the night and go back to sleep.

though i get to be on diet and sleep my ass off, too much of it is sickening.

at least, i have someone to talk to at work. to laugh at my nonsense.

maybe, i can start blogging more often again.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Vday movie

caught this show, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

166 mins.

a nice movie and Brad Pitt is super cute! =X

should catch it!

Goodnight Kelvin =)


i had my 1st longest CNY break this year! the entire week =)


pigbi came up to my house to pay a visit to my parents. after he went home, i went midnight shopping with my parents at JP NTUC Xtra fer steamboat food fer the CNY gathering! quite cool~

1st day of CNY

everyone gathered at my house as usual and steamboat-ed fer the whole day with gamblings as of every CNY! MJ-ed with my cousins and brother. lost some money! =(

the boy came over to bai nian in the evening and we went out with my cousins fer a movie in town! watched The Wedding Game. a very fresh plot.

went back to rest after that.

2nd day of CNY

went over to my maternal grandmother's house to bai nian. then went over to boy's auntie's house to bai nian. food, foOD and FOOD! *burps

MJ-ed again. earn a very small little.

3rd day of CNY

pigbi had a day off too! woo~ met up with cheryl bout our policies stuff and we went shopping around before heading to my place.

three days flew past fast fer boy.

4th day of CNY

back to work fer him! i went to JB with my auntie and mum to settle some stuff. the new Msia custom looks like S'pore's Changi airport.

went to kim's place fer branch CNY gathering and i won big bucks in Texas! woohoo~

5th day of CNY

went pubbing to ah lian +hubby, JD and his frens. had 3 bottles of Martell! thanks JD fer being e carrot head! =X was only home at 5am and fell dead after a bath!

6th day of CNY

woke up in the late afternoon and got ready to join kel. his daddy came and fetch me b4 fetching him and arthur at SIM. headed to his house and bike gang arrived shortly after.

lo hei at his house with a light dinner and proceeded to lao die's house. Texas and MJ again! woah~ won big bucks again!

7th day of CNY

had lo hei again at his house. a simple day before starting work again.

okay, i drafted this some time ago but was lazy to finish it! after 2 weeks, it's finally done! Bintan trip coming on next!

stay tune!

Sunday, February 01, 2009



haven been blogging actively recently. was sick of the net for some time. time to post up this entry after having uploaded these pics on blogger fer some time already yet no time to blog.

here goes, my boy's birthday'08 =)

on the way to his surprise =P

oops, lost on the way =(

finally reached hilton hotel!

went to the reception to check in but was directed to a reception at the executive level instead! very warm welcome with a short & sweet check in!

checked into our room and *ding dong*

chris, the hotel staff who helped us with our check in had brought a bottle of red wine with chocolates complimentary from the hotel for the boy's birthday =)

his birthday gift from me(left) with the hotel's wine & chocolates as his bday gift =)

poor boy, was sick on that day.

opening present!

Gucci? he don't look very happy with it... hmm...

hmmm... seen through my trick?

well well... guess what is it?

iPod touch! *credit to my bday gift from 7ling =P

engrossed in his gadget!

happy that he loves it!

explored the room, put the iPod to charge and got ourselves changed to go fer a swim!

oops, time fer me to work out =(


didn't get to swim thou coz there's a private event starting in a while. so we merely sit on the sun bath bench and took photos!


my pretty boy! *loves

decided to go back to our room since it's almost evening time.

walking back to room!

as ours is the executive room, we are free to go down to the executive lounge! there's evening cocktail served, and so we went down fer a drink! and some small bites! hehe!

decided to have champagne! woots~

alcoholic boyfriend =X



went back to get ourselves dressed for our dinner!


lift lobby

vain pot!

in the lift!


was given a wrong voucher which i nearly need to pay some $50+ bucks! luckily chris is super attentive and efficient! he came down straight away upon a call received from the restaurant's manager =) he gave us a $65 dining voucher instead and apologised promptly. good service!

my boy!

woo~ sakae!


had a super filling dinner and finally retreated back to our room!

had a nice bath with a soak in the bath tub with essential oil. woo~

he drew this =P *lovelove

fell asleep shortly after. zzzzzzzz.....

woke up and down to the executive lounge again, fer breakfast!

our juices with the table's layout.


slurps! they'd got yummy scramble eggs!

checked out shortly after that. headed to wheelock to change his stuff den to meet bee. we went down to town again and met up with weiling. hanged out fer some time and we went our seperate ways.

the stay at hilton had been a great experience! the services and the staff there are simply impressive, especially chris! =)

glad that everything was eventually carried out smoothly. =)


thereafter, this boy have been engaging most of his time on his new gadget and NOT ME!

i'm not complaining, I'M PROTESTING! =P

finally done with a post!

blogging seems to get tougher nowadays. more post i hope!

2009 resolutions : to fufil all my resolutions! =P

ohh, finally my probation's coming to an end soon! my pay rise and aws! and hopefully i'll be in time to book the resort fer a short getaway with pigbi! =)

alright, good day!

Monday, December 08, 2008

my love

hearts this cute boy ("v")

best thing in life...

Pizza Hut with SIM peeps - 3rd dec

Jack's Place with NP peeps - 5th dec


Sunday, November 30, 2008

work-ed out =)

finally went for a run with pigbi =) run, not jog okay! =P

it's really true that guy's metabolism rate is higher than that of girls! by almost two times!

a good start, we shall maintain it ya?

more posts i hope, since it'll be a long off week =P will probably take a day off since there's so many outstanding leave and since i need to cover one of the days for a colleague. anyway, it'll also means OFF on xmas! weee~

talking bout xmas, kind of excited! the presents under the huge xmas tree at pigbi's house is increasing day by day! more present shopping!! bonus bonus, pay day pay day, please reach me earlier =P

guess xmas this week will be very eventful! can't wait....

more meetup next week. a lot to catch up i suppose...

till the next post, pictures i hope!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

exam period

guess everyone's busy with exams? haven't been remembering to wish everyone till now!

good luck np & sim peeps =)

think only edwin & anson had finished their papers.

well, anyway, hopefully i'll be taking exams soon too.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

an irritating me

not afraid to admit, i'm a great attention seeker when it comes to relationship. i truly am.

quite lazy to blog. till i get those pics.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008



Thursday, November 06, 2008

off week

had 6 days off this week. the boy promised to meet me everyday! but still, the day time is total sian-ness!

strolled along town in an adidas shirt with shorts and slippers under the sorching sun. not much people along the street. buzzzz....

it gets pretty boring with so many off days yet no one to go shopping with! zzz! nvm, the weekends are here! can't wait! many secrets up my sleeve =P

anyway, just some photos to spice up this boring post.

as promised, pictures from service night.
@ Expo, a very big function hall
the ladies
with love!

me with the SAs - kim, irene, me, yawen
val, kim, yawen, esther, me, irene
the PTBOs - me, esther, patrick, rimba
holland village gang!
fun people =)
service nite overall was fun!
yeap, last picture before i go....
me, irene and huiwen! extra patrick!
nice photo! credits to rencheng =)
boy, boy, boy!